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Craving Cultura: Mexican Heritage Cooking with Andrea Pons

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What’s on the Menu:
Carne de Puerco con Rajas en Salsa de Tomate
(Pork Chops in Spicy Tomato and Poblano Sauce)
Torta de Elote (Corn Cake)
Braised pork served with cake? Yes. In central Mexico, deeply savory braised pork is often served up with a slab of torta de elote, a cousin of North American cornbread made with white corn. Join guest chef Andrea Pons, author of “Mamacita,” to get a peek into the kitchens of her hometown of Guanajuato. You’ll learn why you should be blistering your tomatoes and charring your fresh chilies to deepen their flavor and soften their texture. Then, you’ll season pork with a simple mixture of garlic salt and black pepper, sear it and simmer it in that chili-and-tomato sauce until tender. This dish is really a template for countless future meals, no written recipe required. And vegetarians, rejoice: Andrea’s braised pork in spicy tomato & poblano sauce works just as well with winter vegetables, like acorn squash and carrots. Then, you’ll learn all about torta de elote, which might literally translate as “cornbread” but is a completely different creation than North America’s yellow version. Mexico’s corn cake is only subtly sweet, meaning that it’s as good with coffee in the morning as it is paired with your braised pork and spicy sauce. Plus, Andrea’s torta de elote comes together entirely in the blender, meaning that in under 10 minutes, you can have a cake in the oven.

Cooking Class: Mamacita and Mocel Mezcal Pairing

There is a Mexican saying that goes "Para todo mal, mezcal; y para todo bien, también" (For everything bad, there is mezcal; and for everything good, aswell).

Join Mamacita author Andrea Pons, and Mocel Mezcal owner Rosalinda Mendoza for this hands-on class that will dig into what makes a good mezcal, its cultural impact in Mexico and beyond, and how to pair it with traditional Mexican food. Prepare for a night filled with traditional techniques, family stories, and lots of bold flavor!

Working from her favorite family recipes, Andrea will walk you through how to make Ceviche Veracruzano (Veracruz-style ceviche) with edible flowers; Tostadas de Nopales ( Cactus Tostadas) in a bed of Salsa Negra; and homemade refried beans. Rosalinda will talk through how to pair each dish with Mocel Mezcal. To finish, you will roll Chocolate Truffles and wash them down with a M&M cocktail (Mezcal and Amaro).

Class is limited to 11 people and is hands-on. Includes dinner. Each student will leave with a couple of chocolate truffles.

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